Questions you might have.

Please read all these before you contact us there is a good chance the answer is on the page already.  


Q: How do I get a pass?

A: At the top of the page there is a button that will say Pre-Reg click that. 


Q: Can I get a pass at the door? 

A: Yes they cost $40.00 for the weekend. If you want a one day Pass it will cost $15 for Thursday. $25 for Friday and $25 for Saturday. (NOTE: It is only $40 for the whole weekend so that is cheaper if you are going to do more then one day.)  


Q: How do I sign up for the Cosplay Contest?

A: All sign up for all contest are at Information table at the event.


Q: When will Panels be up?

A: When we get them to a point that we know there will not be a lot of changes. 


Q: What is your Weapons policy?

A: Don't be reckless. If its sharp keep it contained. If it shoots IE: Water darts don't shoot it. We will check your weapons thought the show.


Q: I didn't try to look thought the page will you tell me this random information that is on the page somewhere. 

A: No we will link you back to the pages where the answer is. "We will be judging you and call you stupid." 


Q: I have a question that is truly not on the web page any where and I need an answer.

A: Fill out this form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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