This is our largest Cosplay event of the weekend.

This event will be on Saturday evening.

The Cosplay Royale is judged on quality and stage presence.

First place Master Craft will receive a trophy and a cash prize.

 First place in all other levels will receive a trophy and a free pass for next year's con. 

Anyone may enter this Cosplay event regardless of whether you made your costume or not.

Entrants age 13 and under must have their parent's permission to enroll, and MUST be accompanied by a legal guardian or relative of age at the show.



Signup for the Cosplacon Cosplay Royale will be open from Thursday until  Saturday morning (or until all available spots have been filled) at Cosplacon  Information Table. 

We will accept no more than 40 entries, so please sign up early.

No late entries will be allowed. 


No costume is NO COSTUME!

  • While many anime characters wear what could be termed "street clothes", a single character in regular everyday clothing isn't very engaging and thus, is disqualified.  However, if this character is part of a group performance or elaborate props are involved, this entry will be evaluated by the judges who will make the final judgement on eligibility.

Body Coverage

  • All costumes need to be tasteful.  The bare minimum of coverage that will be allowed at the event will be the equivalent of a bikini.  This means body paint, latex pasties, etc. are NOT considered adequate body coverage and additional clothing MUST be worn over them.  Thongs are NOT allowed unless covered by shorts, skirts, capes, etc.


Cosplay Royale  is an ALL-AGES event

The Cosplay should be considered PG-13 rated event, at the most.  If you have a questions about your costume, please feel free to ask the Cosplacon Staff if it is considered acceptable.


  • All entries must be able to get on and off of the stage safely.
  • For safety reasons, items such as confetti, fireworks, glitter, flash paper, rose petals, water, and other small messy objects are strictly forbidden to be brought onto the stage area.
  • When on stage, non-firing toy weapons will be allowed without peace bonding, but be aware that any "live" weapons will result in immediate eviction from the stage and the convention.
  • No food, animals, or remote controlled devices are allowed on stage.
  • No throwing items into the crowd.  You'll put someone's eye out!



This is currently being restructured. Check back later for more details.