2017 CPC Pokémon League

This year the we have several events for everyone to compete in:


We have a this year’s lineup for gym leaders as well as a strong Elite Four.  As always each gym leader will be ready and eager to face off with you in glorious battle.  For those who make it past all eight gyms and all four member of the elite four, the League champion will be awaiting you atop the stage during the Pokémon Carnival.  Anyone who defeats the champion will receive a free pass to next year’s convention and will be added to the CPC League Hall of Fame.
Just like last year there will be an option of completing a story mode mini challenge.  For those new to our league Story mode means you choose to challenge the gym and collect their badges in order, much like you do in the games.  Story mode is completely option, but will earn those who complete it extra rewards.
We have the return of the nugget bridge challenge.   This event is meant to let you dive into the classic sting of battles reminiscent of red and blue versions.  You take your team up against a “bridge” of challenges in the hope of reaching the final trainer at the end of the bridge to receive your gold (chocolate) nugget and secret reward.
There will be a Battle Royal event to be held on Saturday for the convention.  This event will have special rules to be revealed at the convention.   Come ready for battle, for the we expect competition to be stiff.


Rules for 2017

This year the league will do battle on Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon only.
No legendary Pokémon will be allowed.
Gym matches will be set to level 50 and Elite Four/Champion battles will be held with no level restrictions (at level 100).
Gym Leaders may be challenged once during each of their scheduled shifts.  Gym Leaders are free to accept additional challenges during the convention at their own discretion.   Elite Four members may be challenged only twice during the convention.  CPC League Champion may be only challenged once.
Trainers will be issued a trainer card upon registering and will record the six members of their team; plus to benched Pokémon available for switching in between battles.
Battling format is decided by league members at the time of battling.
Third party generated Pokémon are illegal and will result in be disqualified.
Looking at an opponent’s screen during a battle is strictly prohibited and will get a offenders disqualified.