Pre-Registration includes a 4-day pass for Cosplacon 2019.

Children 7 and under get in free. 

All badges will be picked up at the door ( Pre Registration Table Only)

When picking up an 18+ badge you must present a valid form of government issued ID which includes your birth date and photograph.

Approved forms of identification include: driver’s licenses, passports, or military ID  

If you do not have your identification you will not be given your badge.

For security reasons, no one is allowed to pick up another person’s badge.

Badges are required to enter all convention rooms and events

  • Your Cosplacon registration does NOT include a hotel room.

  • Your Cosplacon registration does NOT include food.

  • Your Cosplacon registration is for the year of 2019. It can not be re-used for any future events.

Cosplacon reserves the right...

  • To refuse admission to anyone for any reason at any time.

  • To revoke the badge of any attendee for any reason.

  • To request to see an attendee's badge for any reason during the convention.

  • Use any photos taken at the convention for promotional and commercial purposes.

  • Check any and all prop weaponry at any time.

The Hotel reserves the right...

To remove anyone from the hotel premises for underage drinking, illicit drug use, excessive rowdiness, and any other reason that inconveniences other hotel guests.

Unauthorized solicitation (including signage, announcements, fliers, or other forms of solicitation not cleared by the convention staff or the hotel staff) is not permitted at the Capitol Plaza Hotel and may result in being ejected from the premises.

All children under 13 MUST be accompanied by an adult at All Times.

Children under 13 who are found without an adult may be taken to the hotel front desk to call a parent or guardian.

Cosplacon badges are non-refundable

Pre-registered badges are transferable. If you plan to transfer your pre-registered badge to someone else, you must send the name, birth date, and contact information of the person it is being transferred to, to before May 1st, 2019. Any changes,transfers, etc. after this date are invalid and will not be recognized.


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