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Hello And Please read all below if you wish to Volunteer for Cosplacon.

First things first thank you for considering helping us out in order to grow we need more help and that is where you come into play.

How this works.

As a Volunteer you will be given a job or tasks for the Cosplacon Event. These task will amount to a total of about 10 hr of help over the weekend. To be a volunteer YOU MUST be available to work all day Friday and Saturday of the event. We will of course do our best to make sure you can attend events you would like to attend. When signing up please also let us know if you are available to work Thursday and Sunday of event this will help us to schedule accordingly.

Task you will do will be along the lines of:

  • Checking for badges (and ID if 18+) at event doors .

  • Watching a panel to make sure content is appropriate for age group.

  • Helping with achievement hunt.

  • Montering guest and helping with there needs.

  • Being a runner just running around getting things for staff and so on.


As you can see you are paying for your shirt this is to make sure you are committed to doing the task of a Volunteer and help us keep things Organized. You are also required to Pre-Reg. But there are alot of up sides:

  • After you work and cover the assigned shift you will be reimbursed for your badge. Yes you get the money back from you badge.

  • You get a Free Pass for the next years event. So its like you get two free badges.

  • You get a shirt that only you will have.

  • If you do an Amazing job you could possible become staff. This mean you will get to help plan event and have the inside scoop on what’s going on with the con way in advance.

Whats Next?

Once you have applied to be a Volunteer we will send a email out in March 1st to make sure you are still good to go, this will also contain more info about schedule and when and where to get your shirt. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK FOR THIS EMAIL if you don't follow the instructions in this email you will not be able to be a volunteer.

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