Questions you might have.

Please read all these before you contact us there is a good chance the answer is on the page already.  


Q: How do I get a pass?

A: Click on "Registration" at the top of this page and follow the prompts. 

If you need additional help please feel free to get in contact with us via Facebook messenger or e mail. 


Q: Can I get a pass at the door? 

A: Yes they cost $45.00 for the weekend.

If you want a one day Pass it will cost $15 for Thursday. $30 for Friday. $30 for Saturday. $15.00 for Sunday.

 (NOTE: It is only $45 for the whole weekend so that is cheaper if you are going to do more then one day.)  


Q: How do I sign up for the Cosplay Contest?

A: We are updating this process for Cosplacon 2019 and will have more news and updates soon. 


Q: When will Panels be up?

A: We typically try to post the full schedule a month before the event, but please be aware last minute changes do happen. 

Make sure to check back often to confirm times/dates on specific panels. 


Q: What is your Weapons policy?

A: Don't be reckless.

 If its sharp keep it contained (NO live steel is allowed at Cosplacon). If it shoots (IE: Water, darts, etc.) don't shoot it. We will check your weapons throughout the show.


Q: I have a question that is truly not on the web page anywhere and I need an answer.

A: Fill out this form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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