This event is ONLY for skits and is different from the Cosplay Royale.

This is a Cosplay event. The Cosplay Skits are judged on quality of stage presence and acting skill.


Anyone may enter this Cosplay event regardless of whether you made your costume or not.

Entrants age 13 and under must have their parent's permission to enroll, and MUST be accompanied by a legal guardian or relative of age at the show.

Prizes will include:

  •  Free Cosplacon shirt
  •  Free passes to next year's con
  •  Additional prizes at the judges discretion

Things to Know:

  • Skits should run 3-5 min long. 
  • Skits can have no more than 5 people on stage at once. 
  • Not required, but pre-recorded audio will make for a better skit.
  • All rules from Cosplay Royale also apply here.
  • There may be more added to this list Please check every so often for any updates.