Information on vendor room applications for Cosplacon 2020 will be available soon!



-Stormcloud Photography


-Orange Corgie

-Living Life in a Cartoon

-Vanri Ventures

-Gena Ford Art

-Mimosa Studios


A1     Hey This Guy Does Art

A2 Sakura’s Blossoms

A3 - A5 Decade of Excess

B1 - B2 Chaos Emporium

B3 - B4     Raven's Loft

B5 Mercury Angel Designs

C1 - C2     Oakheart Armory

C3 - C4     Hattrick Enterprises

D1 Strangecat Studios

D2 Guest Table

D3 Guest Table

D4 Guest Table

E1     Paul Frank Creations

E2 - E3 Sweet CM Crafts

F1     Smart Cats Lost Dog

F2     Sketchbook Sisters

F3     Yeehking

G1 Tera Tiger

G2 - G3 Pop Heart Studios

H1 - H2     Rezpup Crochet

H3     Radient Grey

I1 Copper Iris Art

I2 - I4     Musetap Studios

J     Cosplacon Staff Tables


DT layout.jpg